About Us

About Wyskiel Technologies

We are a dedicated group of experienced electronic and computer engineering professionals

Wyskiel Technologies, Inc. has been serving the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area since 2006. Our designs have included PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, RFID, Wireless Communications, LED Lighting and Telecommunications. We work with large, highly profitable companies, individuals with just a dream and a sketch on the back of an envelope, and everything in between.

Our experience encompasses feasibility studies, system architecture, specification writing, electronic design, PCB design, software programming and manufacturing. We work with other technical professionals, several manufacturing facilities, and certification labs to ensure that all aspects of your project are handled in a timely and professional manner.

Principal: David Wyskiel

  • Owner and principal engineer at Wyskiel Technologies, Inc., successfully supporting the electronics industry by supplying cutting-edge board-level, FPGA, firmware, layout, prototyping expertise.
  • 20+ years of experience in board (up to 3 GHz) and FPGA design and test, utilizing Video formats, ATM, Ethernet, POS, T1/E1, E3/DS3 and SONET, VHDL and Verilog, Assembly, C and RF devices.
  • Experience in team leadership and management roles.

Past Designs: Some of our past designs include

Product Architecture and Design:
  • CDMA/GSM-based tracking system using embedded microcontroller. Included patch antenna design and battery management for low power application.
  • ISM band Emergency Transponder system, including embedded microcontroller and RF transmitter/receiver combination. The design required extremely low power operation and efficient solar charging of the Li+ battery.
  • Cost and power-efficient Ethernet Line Unit (Enet/ATM line card) for PPPoE and RFC 1483.
FPGAs / Programmable Logic:
  • Flexible Touchscreen controller that interfaces to USB.
  • “Video over Ethernet” layer 2 FPGA used on large scale LED video screens.
  • 3 chip system (2 CPLDs and 1 FPGA) to perform UTOPIA translation for xDSL.
  • FPGA for ATM Cell Processing on Ethernet Line Unit using VHDL
  • Compressed digital and analog functions into a single FPGA as a cost-reduction effort using Verilog.
  • Numerous PLDs for glue logic and other functions, using VHDL, Verilog and schematics.
  • Baseband processor and digital receive filter in FPGAs.
Board-Level Designs:
  • High-speed PWM translator board to support a patent application. Hardware, layout and Verilog.
  • Family of touchscreen sensing test boards using various types of Intellectual Property. Wrote FPGA code and did board layout as well.
  • Wireless emergency transponder system. Hardware design and embedded software.
  • Didactic baseband filtering and signal generation board. Hardware design, layout and FPGA code.
  • Video over Ethernet switch/controller. Hardware design and layout.
  • 300VDC power supply board for MEMS control. Hardware design.
  • 433.92 MHz transceiver for transponder and reader units, including writing all C code for Freescale Microcontroller. Hardware design and embedded software.
  • 3 GHz switching core circuit and various parts of GR-253 timing core for a SONET-based system, including ASICs, PLLs, discrete optics, CML/PECL and Power PC microprocessor control circuit. Hardware design and architecture.
  • Multi-rate SONET network interface board, including defining stackup, impedance requirements, buried resistors/capacitance and requirements of multi-rate optics.
  • OC3/12/48 and DS3 versions of timing, switching and network interface card, and supported the optical design through manufacturing.
  • OC-3c and DS3/E3 PHY boards for integration in an Integrated Access Device and ATM AAL1/5 board to support multiple PHYs, with open architecture for higher speeds.
  • Optical loop carrier board using Motorola 68HC11 uC hardware, ASICs and hybrid designs.