Two engineers working on electronics components s

Established in 2006

Wyskiel Technologies, Inc., has been meeting electronic engineering requirements since 2006. Originally based in Silicon Valley, California, we have expanded to provide our design services remotely throughout the country.

Our wide ranging projects have included High Speed Wireless and Wired Communications, GPS/GNSS, RFID, LED Lighting and LiDAR, at the board-level (OrCAD and Altium) and FPGA (Xilinx). We work with large, highly profitable companies, individuals with just a dream and a sketch on the back of an envelope, and everything in between. 
Our experience encompasses feasibility studies, system architecture, specification writing, board-level electronic design, PCB design, FPGA development (Verilog), software programming and manufacturing. Please reach out to us to discuss your newest project!

Principal: David Wyskiel

Owner and principal engineer at Wyskiel Technologies, Inc., successfully supporting the electronics industry by supplying cutting-edge board-level, FPGA, firmware, layout, and prototyping expertise.
30+ years of experience in board-level and FPGA design and test. David specializes in high-speed digital, embedded systems and power supplies at the board level (OrCAD and Altium) and FPGA development (Xilinx ISE and Vivado for Spartan through Zynq UltraScale+).